Two good words…

We had our second scan yesterday…

babyclothes…and everything was ‘normal’ and ‘perfect’, (which might just be my two favourite words in all the world right now). It was lovely to know, and great to see the baby again on screen, less wriggly than last time, but moving around and very ‘baby-like’. We didn’t find out if it a was a boy or a girl because we wanted a surprise, but R couldn’t help looking to see if he could see certain ‘things’. Though all I could mostly make out was fog and mist and occasionally a little foot or a hand, so I’m not sure what his expert eye thought it could glean. Presumably nothing as we are both none the wiser to the baby’s sex, and very happy to keep it that way…

Anyway, with R’s risk adverse nature we’ve held-off from buying baby things thus far – just not wanting to jinx it – plus knowing we’ve got plenty of time to get all these things. But, when I wandered into Gap on my lunch break today, I couldn’t help but take a saunter past the Baby Gap section, and finally caved and bought our first little baby outfit. And I love it. Those stripy trousers are just completely adorable and the little babygrow will be perfect for wearing in June and July when he or she is due.

Little milestones, every day.

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