Vegetable Diaries…

The saga of the veg patch continues…

IMG_1228I can confirm we now have potatoes and lettuce sprouting, but the parsnips, courgettes, spring onions and beetroot are yet to make an appearance.

To distract himself, R has turned his hand to tomatoes and chillies, even investing in a delightful plastic greenhouse…mmmm, tasteful. When it’s sunny he unzips his plants during the day (or texts me from London asking me to do it), and then zips them back in at night.


Spoony has been helping with the veggies too….but she’s not to hot on walking between the furrows…and prefers a more haphazard route across the veg patch, thus stepping all over his planting…so she and R have had to ‘have words’….


In the only sunshine we had this weekend, R made the most of planting some already grown items – sweetcorn, tomatoes, butternut squash and French beans….let’s hope these make more of an impression…



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