Nesting in the nursery…

IMG_1176Shortly after we moved in, it was made patently aware to us, (mostly by our well-meaning and infinitely wise mothers), that we were in no way, shape or form ready for this baby….

“I mean….do you actually have any nappies…?”

“Blankets…you’ll need lots of blankets…”

“And have you put the car seat up yet…?”

After several more of these entreaties, R and I realised that denial was all well and good but maybe it was time to get our heads round how soon this baby might make its appearance.

So Operation Nursery began. With lots of generous donations, gifts and presents from so many relatives – especially some very generous monetary ones that made shopping for everything far less of a frightening chore than it might otherwise have been – we were galvanised into action. After a few successful shopping trips and some frantic online ordering, our little nursery under the eaves has started to finally take shape. And I can confirm that we are now Ready for the Baby.

Well….I mean…we have all the baby stuff we need. Whether we’re both ready for the rest of it is another matter entirely! We’re excited though, and much less anxious than we were. See the nursery transformation below….






P1080604P1080605IMG_1176 IMG_1177 IMG_1178 IMG_1179 IMG_1180

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