Review: Mountain Retreat…

Last weekend, Munchkin and I took ourselves off for a little weekend away in the mountains, to have a little bit of time-off and a much-needed change of scenery. The Hotel Ermitage, part of the Evian resort in the French Alps, is big on welcoming not just children, but babies, and they offer a number of great bonuses you don’t get at most hotels.


Prior to arrival you can order everything from a car seat, a cot and a high-chair to bath thermometers, changing mats and baby monitors to be put in your room. Baby-sitting can be arranged every evening, though sleeping babes in prams are also welcomed in the restaurant, and there’s a ‘baby resort’ in the grounds which offers an impressive place for children to play and be left free of charge for a morning or an afternoon, while parents indulge themselves in the spa. Not to be outdone, its guest-only spa is also a baby-friendly spot, and has a range of baby-friendly treatments, including offering baby massage treatments.


We were there for just two nights, but it felt like five. The fresh mountain air, the sweeping views of the lake and the gentle, relaxed pace of the hotel made it feel like a real hideout from the world. Munchkin loved the change of scenery, splashed happily in the warm spa pool, enjoyed her baby massage and had lots of fun playing on the numerous baby-welcome spots dotted around the hotel. The babysitter that the hotel arranged for us in the evening was wonderful – rocking the baby back to sleep while I enjoyed a plenty of food and wine in their restaurant; and the stunning suite we were given at the front of the hotel provided enough space for Munchkin to almost have her own room, with a vast double bed for me to stretch out in, and the most wonderful endless buffet breakfast in the morning made getting up early seem a lot less painful.


A great place to escape, and perfect if you need to take the little one with you…

Hotel Ermitage, suite from £543, flights available on BA or Easyjet to Geneva, the hotel is an hour’s drive from the airport 


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