November: onward and upward…

…A big month for little Munchkin….

The biggest news of all is that she’s sitting up! And also bouncing in her bouncer…


A huge development, especially the sitting, as Munchkin has really been trying to sit up since she was  born, she hates to miss out on things, loves being part of the conversation, and so, for her, sitting up has made for an even happier, smilier baby.

But also this month, we’ve:…


  • Been shopping together!
  • Put Munchkin’s footprints on a plate or two;
  • And made a new friend…

And, not to be outdone, we’ve also…


  • Worn our first robe;
  • Played with our Tante Laura;
  • And found our feet!

See, Big Month, told you!

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