A summer christening…

We’ve finally settled on a date for Munchkin’s christening…

Early August is the date of choice,  a time when hopefully the awfully full diaries of everyone we know are free enough to converge on our little village for a sunny day of celebration.

We intended to christen our little one much earlier than this, but the shock of a new baby meant the summer months had been and gone before we realised, and one godmother was back at home in LA, we hadn’t asked the godfather yet, and, frankly, Christmas was rapidly approaching.

Being as we had a winter wedding, we thought a summer Christening would be fun, and we’re hoping the British summer will be kind to us and shine on our patch of green just long enough for us to enjoy Champagne and food in our garden after the service. We can see the church spire from our driveway so it will be a gentle potter back home once the official part of the process is over. We’re thinking poached salmon, pulled pork done on the BBQ and heaps of fresh summer salads. Plus, buckets of Champagne, and tall jugs of Pimms. It’ll be our first proper party in our garden and I’m really looking forward to it.


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