The seasons are shifting…

There are snowdrops everywhere at the moment, more and more as Munchkin and I go on our daily walks. And now there are crocuses too… beautiful. And I don’t even really dig purple…


We pottered off for an afternoon stroll yesterday – I listened to Mark Rylance on Desert Island discs (mega new crush), and Munchkin gazed about at the setting sun.

I love this gentle, subtle shifting of the seasons, it creeps up on you unannounced and suddenly it’s not dark at 4pm, and you don’t need the heating on all day, and you’re considering not wearing tights to a wedding next weekend. And yet, at the same time, our summer is so different from our winter. Many a time I’ve looked out into the garden at the driving rain or the hard frost and remember a time not too many months ago when I was walking barefoot on that grass, when I was sitting squinting at the sun in that chair. I have always said that you can’t beat the season’s here. And I stick by that.


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