Layer upon layer…

Like many things I tend to be a bit seasonal about scents…

924200_16513780_lzMost scents won’t last really much longer than six months or so, they start to get that slightly vinegary, sharp twang to them, which – unless that’s what you’re aiming for – is simply no good at all. Plus, however much you love a scent, it’s nice to be able to change it up, make it richer or softer, deeper or fresher. I suppose it’s like make-up – sometimes it’s an eyeliner and mascara day, sometimes it’s a bronzer, blusher and lippie day.

Which is one of the things I love so much about Jo Malone scents. Not only are they incredibly detailed, rich and long lasting, but because they come from one fragrance house, they’re often designed to be layered upon one another. So you can buy two or three scents and get more than that for your money.


Recently I’ve been loving the combination of two classic Spring and Summer scents, accented by one of their unisex scents, which has a musky headiness to it that adds real depth to the floral, sweetness of the other two.

  • Peony & Blush Suede – this is a flowery, sweet summery scent with a real warmth to it. (£82 for 100ml)
  • Osmanthus Blossom, Limited Edition – this is literally like Spring in a bottle, orangery, heady and crisp (Out of Stock – it’s not available anymore, but I recommend the Nectarine Blossom & Honey as a suitable alternative, very lovely, £82 for 100ml)
  • Saffron Cologne Intense – woody and musky, and spicy too, I adore just a tiny spritz of this on its own, or paired with one of two above for a richer, evening scent (£100 for 100ml)
    All at

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