The real meaning of a playsuit…

01ff8bc3bd216fee5bd4131422d5659627120b4688Munchkin has recently been showing real signs of wanting to get on the move…

Her crawling attempts are adorable to watch. And I’ve been wanting to make sure she can easily move around, so she can better discover what her body can do, how to move her arms and legs so she can finally, finally chase after the cat. To this end, dungarees and trousers are the best things by far for her to  be dressing in…

I favour neutral colours that I can accent with that baby pink she looks so cute in (despite how I might feel about it), as well as more springtime tones of yellow and blue.

DungareesThese are two of my favourite items – the blue polka dots are corduroy so they’re hard-wearing and the little chicken detail on the front pocket is adorable. The yellow print dungarees have had so many compliments, they’re cotton, but thick enough to provide warmth, plus they have plenty of room for growth and wriggling around in.

Question Everything

This playsuit is from one of my favourite new brands called Question Everything – they’re at the pricer end of the babywear market but the detailing and the unique prints make them worth the money. The smocking on the front of this bear rompersuit is gorgeously detailed and the fit is excellent. They should be great for summer too as the cotton is light and very soft.


Every stylish baby deserves their very own piece of OshKosh heritage, and these were a gift from Munchkin’s step-grandmother. The denim is seriously robust and hard-wearing, but the fleece-lined inner layer on the legs means they’re soft to wear and still easy to move around in. Munchkin is rarely out of them, and this set came with a gorgeous dotty babygrow as well, which also looks super-cute.


As far as the basics go, I think John Lewis are the best in the way of sweet prints that look and feel more expensive than they are. The above are all short-sleeved, but I just pop a long-sleeved white vest underneath and with a little cardy they look really smart. The bottom left ones are a pack of two with a collar which I think makes them look especially cute.

TrousersI am completely in love with the bunny harem pants at the top right here – Munchkin looks adorable in them, and, as you can see, they give her plenty of room to move around in. The grey stripy playsuit is really soft cotton and very roomy, while the nordic knit leggings, which are pink and turqouise were one of my favourite winter purchases.

It’s hard to get the balance when you’re buying things for your little one between what’s worth buying, what’s cute and what’s equally over-priced and won’t get much wear. Most mummies I know tend to have bags and bags of hand-me-downs to work through as well, so you want to try and get the balance between making the most of freebie items, as well as treating you and your little one to some fun outfits too.

I regularly go through Munchkin’s wardrobe to have a bit of a sort out – (that sounds awfully grand – by ‘wardrobe’ I mean her drawers of clothes in her Ikea bedroom chest…). Anyway, I try to go through things once a fortnight, putting away what is either getting too small, or starting to look too worn (once they starting eating properly and moving around clothes don’t last half as long), or what will be going out of season soon. (By ‘season’ I mean, not needing a chunky knit in July; not that there has been no magenta on the catwalk this Fashion Week or whatever.)

Anyway, by doing this regular sifting of items I remind myself what she still has to wear, what she soon won’t fit into and get ideas for outfits for the coming days. I do find I sometimes plan what she might be wearing a few days in advance. It helps me to feel that she’s getting the most out of the things I’ve bought her, and sometimes, when I’m not feeling inspired in the morning, it helps that I have an outfit already planned, (and clean).





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