Vintage lace for a little lady…

01b098677b4575ff3cf348e57158b3c74783359304I have been searching around for what Munchkin will wear at her Christening in August…

She’ll be over one year old, and it’ll hopefully be the height of summer and blissfully warm and she’ll be running (or rolling) around on the grass with all her little friends – so the classic white gown is out, but I do want her to be in something special that properly befits the occasion.

There are a couple of stunning christening gowns in our family – old vintage cotton and lace beautifully preserved and very smart, but Munchkin a) won’t fit into these and b) wouldn’t be able to move around in them.



But I love the idea of her wearing something that has such history, And so, we are going to get one of the gowns altered and turn it into a beautiful white summer sun dress, with a glorious full skirt and a lace bodice, which hopefully she can potter about in and look edible and adorable all at once.

It’s hard to tell exactly how it will look, but a the mocked-up version below is about as close as I can get to visualising it. Now to find a dressmaker…

photo (11)

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