The Weekend Edit (16 Mar)

A fun week this week, that saw the biggest development of all, Munchkin has started crawling. Obviously she’s taken her time getting into her stride (thankfully), but she’s loving being able to move around and potters about squealing with joy at her new found trick, and making short work of anything she comes across – baskets, bins, nappy bags etc.


Amidst this she has also started waving, clapping, cutting a second tooth and eating plenty of new foods, as well as taking Daddy to the pub, helping me with the shopping, accompanying me on our daily walks, choosing her favourite farmyard animal cushion at the garden centre, watching while I potted primroses in teacups and made an Easter arrangement for our dining room table, and discovered the joyful news that St Eval candles are for sale in our local town.

A wonderful week all round…

In the midst of this, we’ve also been enjoying some of the lovely sunshine, picking flowers from the garden – primroses, daffodils and irises; we’ve taken some leisurely walks armed with a hot coffee and Desert Island Discs on the Ipod; and embraced the simple pleasure of no socks and summertime flats. We are both very happy the Spring is nearly here…



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