Notes from the other side…

01b3ef142253158e0cc7396f921e45629dbf99394bThe latest in insider baby top tips I’ve learnt, had whispered to me or just somehow worked out…

1) When choosing a mobile, look under it. Not at it sideways. Your little one won’t look at it that way so don’t you bother either. Get your head under there and gaze up at what they’ll be seeing, and then decide what’s scary, what’s adorable, what’s boring and what’s captivating.

2) When feeding and those tiny lips are clamped shut like a clam..tickle their feet. They’ll open their mouths. Works like a charm.

3) If white noise helps your baby sleep, then you’ll need the best app in town. Which is this one. Lots of different sounds, including different variations in heaviness of rain or a variety of types of waves. Seriously, it’s got it all.

4) You can put your baby seat in the front passenger seat with you if you turn off the airbag. No it’s not illegal. Yes it’s safe. And for babies who don’t travel well in the back of the car (like mine), it’s essential. This radically and dramatically improved mine and Munchkin’s life, she could see me, I could see her. No more tears. I could drive safely and in peace without a screaming soundtrack behind me.

5) Babies love ribbons and labels. Don’t cut the labels off their clothes or their soft toys. Leave them there. And tie ribbons to their pram, their car seat, their cot. Have some in your handbag for when you’re out about. Hours of fun.

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