Nursery details…

014606d109f1e410f15764913bfa378655a1cbe134It’s the little details that make something special…

For me it was taking the ordinary pieces of furniture, and a small, and relatively ordinary room, and making it special for Munchkin. Our nursery space, as I’ve mentioned before, is a relatively small little room, but we’ve managed to make it work thus far.

What has been the most fun though, is adding in little touches here and there that, as she gets bigger, she can really start to appreciate.


Clockwise from Left:

Insect mobile: This was a whimsical purchase in a rush in Ikea. And it has been one of the most valuable things I’ve ever bought. It hangs above Munchkin’s changing table and she loves it. Even when she was small and she could barely make out anything, she loved this. I took it with us on holiday and strung it across the room with string. Now I move it to her cot in the morning, and back again when I get her dressed. It has paid for itself again and again, and it wasn’t even very expensive. (Leka mobile, £4.50, Ikea)

Personalised clock: I needed something to tell the time (even if I didn’t want to know what it was) in the early days of breastfeeding, just to check how long Munchkin had been feeding for, and this was invaluable. It is also adorable and personalised with Munchkin’s name. I love the colourful design and it’s lightweight and very quiet, which is also a godsend. A noisy second hand is a big no no(Noah’s Ark Clock, £15, Tigerlily Prints)

Toadstool Nightlight: This was a gift from my godmother as has been one of the loveliest presents we received. I only started properly using a nightlight for Munchkin recently, and this one has the most beautiful soft glow through its open-holed top. The painted detailing on it is gorgeous, so ethereal and playful, and I can imagine Munchkin adoring it when she is older. For now, I love it enough for both of us. (Fairy Toadstool Lamp, £55, White Rabbit England)

Drawer Handles: I’ve mentioned before that the furniture in the nursery is effectively pimped Ikea stuff, and this was one simple exercise in making something a little cuter. These lovely handles added a nice vintage colour to an otherwise very ordinary chest of drawers. (Painted ceramic door handles, £3.95, French Grey, Cirencester)

Baby Book: This was a present from Munchkin’s aunt, and it’s a lovely Baby Book. Based on the sweet story Guess How Much I Love you – it has real baby appeal and will be something she’ll love looking through when she’s older. There’s plenty of space for pictures and writing, so I can record plenty of my memories and keepsakes for her already. (Guess How Much I Love You Baby Book, £12, Book People)


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