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I seem to feel seasons and occasions more keenly in the country than I ever did in the city. I don’t know if this is because our little country cottage feels like a proper family home and I’m more conscious of trying to create a festive atmosphere and mark important dates, seasonal shifts and events – autumn, Halloween, Christmas, spring, Valentines day etc. Or if, because I now have a child, I’m conscious of wanting her to have clear and distinct memories of these moments throughout the year to take through with her to adulthood.

Every Easter my mother’s family – of which there were many members, young to old – would visit us for the day and an epic egg hunt would ensue after lunch. Our large garden lent itself perfectly to a good search and adults and children alike would spend hours wandering the garden with their decorated Easter baskets looking for eggs in flower pots, between stones in the Cotswold stone wall, under bushes, hidden on the bird table, lodged between tree branches and nestled in flowerbeds. I’m not sure how hygienic it all was, but we didn’t seem worry so much about those sorts of things then.

So perhaps, the more I become a mother, the more I start to recreate traditions from my childhood. Anyway, this year I’m starting with making the house feels Easter-ey. With such a wealth of flowers available here – in our garden and growing wild, as well as in our wonderful local grocers and some excellent florists – I want to create a couple of arrangements that welcome spring into the house and remind us that it’s Easter.


  • These boots are from outside a smart estate agents in Chelsea, and I think they are wonderful. I’m quite tempted to try and recreate something similar with my humble blue Hunters…
  • Wrapping plain glass vases in something else – be it hessian, gingham, tree bark or ribbon – can make some ordinary quite unique; and I love this sepia toned sheet music. You could presumably do the same with old newspapers.
  • I’m a bit fan of a rustic box and this one is a gorgeous way to make a bold centrepiece. I also really love the eggs nestled in amongst the daffodils.


  • These arrangements in tea cups are inspired, and so sweet. I’ve got some lovely shabby chic tea cups from Anthropologie which I am going to try and pot some primroses into.
  • Lavender is gorgeous anytime of the year but this simple way to create a candle holder is lovely, and nice to see some other colours than green and yellow, which I’ve also found rather insipid…
  • I think these eggcups with irises in are very cute, and quite a simple way to use the shorter cuts from the garden. I’ve got yellow and dusky pink primroses growing at the edge of our lawn which will look sweet in here.


  • The idea of creating a series of arrangements and putting them together is really quite clever and means you can concentrate on simplicity, and then bring all your ideas together
  • These hanging egg ideas are similar to the egg cups above and would look so pretty in front of a window, though you’ll need some decent height to ensure they hang at different levels
  • Another rustic wooden box, this is even simpler, but the daffodils and pastel eggs are gorgeous and subtle


  • There’s plenty of pussy willow being used in arrangements at this time of year, and I have some left over from Christmas which I think I could try and incorporate to a tulip-filled vase
  • Blossom is another wonderfully spring-like bouquet, and if I can get my hands on some I plan on packing a tin jug I have with stacks of the stuff
  • Another minimal way to do Easter with style, and the hanging eggs are again a sweet way to incorporate that more seasonal feel.

All images all available on my Pinterest board, where there is plenty more in the way of ideas and aspirational decor, if this has given you some seasonal inspiration.


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