The Weekend Edit…

A week in review: 23 March 2015…

It’s been a bit of a tough week if I’m honest. Munchkin has been unwell – the first time since she was born really – and I’ve missed my happy, smiley little bunny. As any parent will know it’s also incredibly hard when they’re sad and you can’t comfort them and you don’t know what’s wrong. I was relieved that I was still breastfeeding as this provided a very simple solution when she was sad or couldn’t stop crying, and ensured she could cuddle up to me in bed in the middle of night, have some comforting milk, and then finally, finally fall asleep.Week in review2

In the midst of this, we’ve also been enjoying some of the lovely sunshine, picking flowers from the garden – primroses, daffodils and irises; we’ve taken some leisurely walks armed with a hot coffee and Desert Island Discs on the Ipod; and embraced the simple pleasure of no socks and summertime flats. We are both very happy the Spring is nearly here…



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