How does your garden centre grow…?

The wonderous Burford Garden Centre is about 20 minutes drive from us, which is just far to enough to ensure I don’t visit daily but not so far that I can’t go regularly.


It’s a wonderful place to get inspiration for your home, your garden and your wardrobe, as well as just to dream about the perfection you could achieve if you could afford absolutely everything there.

Their furniture rooms are something to behold – beautiful reclaimed wood, rows and rows of shabby vintage chic with real authenticity and style. The pottery section features new and established designers, with biogs of the newest additions and a showcase of their best pieces.


The garden rooms have a whole host of expertly grown plants and seeds, as well as every garden accessory you could think of.


Everywhere the decor has been thought about meticulously, vintage posters line the walls, hand-painted carts and old-fashioned trucks house flower displays, while incredible antique dressers, doors and other paraphernalia are dotted around.


The cafe is a considerable, and yet cosy space, with little areas decorated with floor to ceiling book shelves, or vast windows letting in the afternoon light. A children’s corner provides microwaves, crayons, colouring books and toys, while homemade pates, sandwiches and hotpots provide much-needed sustenance.

There is so much here that it really warrants repeated visits, and you could spend hours (and thousands of pounds) getting everything you needed to give you home and garden a serious overhaul. Here’s my pick of their best bits this season..


1. Sepia Photo Print Cushion, (was £40, now reduced to £20); 2. GardenersApron, (£35); 3. Irish-made Medium Cylinder Jug (£64); 4. Gold Leaf Lined Shells (£6); 5. Recycled Kadai and Highstand (£250) All available online or at Burford Garden Centre, Shilton Road, Burford, OX18 4PA


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