Signs of Easter…

As Easter approaches, I wanted to reflect this at home. While we’re having a relatively quiet Easter, it’s still the perfect opportunity to welcome the new season into the house and change out the red and burgundies of winter colours, for the yellow and pinks of Spring…


I started with tulips, daffodils and potted primroses using vintage terracotta pots from Burford Garden Centre, a vintage wire pot holder from a charity shop, a bit of striking yellow ribbon and some re-used bottles and jars…


…I also used a couple of teacups to pot some of the primroses, lending a lovely quirky vintage feel…


…while using foil-covered bunnies, chicks and hens to give a bit of Easter-inspiration…


I bought some festive rabbit decorations from charity shops (above in polka dots and below in mellow green) as well as some seasonal egg cups (see above)…


…and to finish it all off, I also picked up a £2 bag of various hanging eggs and Easter paraphernalia. I hung the eggs on some catkins and white twigs I already had in the house, and used the little baskets from my Easter bag to hold three mini chocolate eggs…


Finally, using the blue from a Burleigh Calico jug and some washed and Neals Yard bottles to add a strong accent colour, I added a few more daffs to the display…


Munchkin loved it, and can’t stop gazing and gazing at the pretty colour foil bunnies. If only she knew what was inside them!

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