April Showers…

One of my favourite things to do, once Munchkin is peacefully slumbering and our frenetic day together is over, is to jump in the shower, lather up, and soak under the hot, thundering water for ten minutes or so, before clambering out, drying off, putting on something clean and cottony-smelling, pouring a big glass of wine and settling into a comfy chair. It doesn’t always happen this way, but when it does, it feels great. No good shower is complete without a great shower gel to luxuriate in. These are my absolute favourites, from total treats to everyday pampering…


  • Very Venetian: The Royal Apothic range, which is sold at Anthropologie, create old-fashioned, heady scents that feel very indulgent. Their discontinued Courts of Venice was my absolute favourite, but this Venetian Grove body wash is equally divine, with scents of rose, plum and clove. (£20 for 200ml)
  • Opulent Organic: Neal’s Yard have always been a great option for all natural, all wonderful products, and their sweet smelling rose and geranium range is a classic. This leaves me feeling enlivened and super clean. (£14 for 200ml)
  • Molten Luxury: I love the powerful scents from Molton Brown, and the musky warmth of their Templetree range is a favourite. (£18 for 300ml)
  • Olive Branch: This range is used in the bathrooms at Le Manoir, a great endorsement if ever there was one. This feels really natural and smells gently of olive, with floral undertones. Recently being stocked at French Grey, and online, the summery rose edition is perfect for this time of year. (£11.50 for 100ml)
  • Really Relax: Aromatherapy Associates make a range of incredible bath and shower products, including some great shower gels, but I love the ultra-decadence of smoothing their Deep Relax oil into my body, and then allowing the heat of the water to work its magic. (£45, for 55ml)
  •  Dynamic Decadence: The iconic Eau Dynamisante fragrance and treatment spray from Clarins, is divine in every form it comes in. So crisp and floral it can always perk me up. (£19 for 100ml)
  • Man-made: This robust shower gel from L’Occitance is actually part of their Pour Homme range, but I love the strength of its peppery lavender and burnt wood scent, and it’s perfect for women too. (£42 for 100ml)
  • Fresh Fragrance: Lime, Basil & Mandarin from Jo Malone is one of their stronger scents, and it’s certainly a powerful wake-up call, which is exactly why I like it. Guaranteed to awaken and refresh, this is a dive into a cool citrus splash. (£14 for 100ml)




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