Loft Living Style…

Our bedroom is at the top of the house, essentially in the eaves, which means we have no loft, (which is fine by me…spiders…mega shudder…). It also means that there are stunning black beams across the ceiling and all along the walls, creating little nooks and crannies, (and certain peril if you’re above five foot tall). It’s a cosy, warm and surprisingly spacious room, with plenty of light, but provided somewhat of a challenge when we first looked at furnishing it. The ceiling is low, and starts about four feet from the floor, meaning tall wardrobes, chests and headboards were a total no-no. I had to find a way to incorporate the storage and sleeping space we needed without drawing attention to the low ceilings or making the room feel cramped.


I was really inspired by some of the content I found on Pinterest – loft living ideas that incorporated the low ceilings and recessed areas well. The key thing seemed to allowing these features to speak for themselves, making them the feature of the room, and choosing understated furniture and a simple layout that worked within these spaces.  This meant we picked a subtle bed and headboard design, that fitted snugly over the beams and blended into the wall; we chose low chairs, chests and tables for a small seating area, and favoured mostly white furniture which didn’t crowd the room, allowing colour to be provided by flowers and smaller details, as well as black and white details that drew attention to the striking black of the beams.


For storage, instead of trying to find a wall tall enough for a wardrobe, we utilised a low recessed space on the corridor outside our room, and built a makeshift wardrobe with a curtain to hide the clutter. Because this space was no more that four foot high at best, it was essentially dead space, so didn’t feel like it encroached at all, and it is now home to all our clothes, shoes and bags. And we got our wonderful bed from – who I can recommend highly, a great online ordering service, they have a range of fabrics and designs, and delivery was efficient and friendly. Most beds and chairs come flatpacked, so tricky corners and tight doorways aren’t something you have to worry about.


Our bedroom is one of my favourite spaces at home. Removed from the rest of the house, it feels quiet and secluded, a proper escape from the rest of the world. The view out of the window onto our vegetable patch always reminds me that I’m home, and how lucky we are to be here.




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  1. Lilian says:

    Looks like a lovely, calm space.


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