Woodland walks…

The woods around our local village are absolutely beautiful. Maintained by the local landed gentry, there are walkways throughout, though they remain wild and filled with flora and fauna throughout the year. You can see deer, dog foxes, squirrels and hundreds of birds, while at this time of year the bluebells and wild garlic are quite stunning. At some points the woodland canopy is quite dense, so only a few streaks of sunlight filter through, dappling the woodland floor with wonderful shadows.

Walking in the woods

I walk with Munchkin in a walking backpack, similar to this one, but I also am a big fan of our Ergobaby carrier too, which I can put Munchkin on my front for, so I can see her better. But she loves it in the big rucksack where she twists her little hands through my hair and chatters away about everything she can see.


Back at home, inspired by the seasonal sights, our house is currently filled with plenty of blooms, lavender abounds everywhere as well as some pink and white potted plants and a few sprigs of rosemary and yellow boots from our two overgrown ponds. and sprigs of vibernum – a flowering shrub with pink buds that open to delicate white flowers.



“Nothing is more beautiful than the loveliness of the woods before sunrise.”

George Washington Carver



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