Out & About…

I try to get out for a walk with Munchkin every day, but, at the very least, four times a week. We always do a big walk at the weekend, and then during the week we do a combination of gentle strolls in the buggy, and more adventurous walks using our amazing Ergobaby sling, which I cannot recommend enough. Having tried numerous sling options, this one is by far my favourite. It barely feels like you’re carrying anything, is relatively easy to put on by yourself and the babies seem to love it. Munchkin chirrups happily in it when we’re out walking together and I love how light she feels in it and how easy it is to manoeuvre with it on.


These last weeks we’ve been pottering about in the woods near us, which are looking sublime as spring slowly gives way to summer, the wild garlic and bluebells are amazing to see, but all around dark woods are giving way to a green filter and everything from the ground up just feels more lush and alive…

Walking together...

We can walk in a myriad of directions from the village, which means we’re always coming upon new views and new little paths we didn’t know were there. It makes walking here such a delight…



We finished our walk by pottering up the lane by the church and then walking through the churchyard, always such a peaceful and beautiful place to stop and contemplate the world for a moment or two…



“Walking is the best possible exercise. Habituate yourself to walk very far.”

Thomas Jefferson


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