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When it came to the invitations for Munchkin’s christening, I wanted something that was simple and understated (this isn’t a wedding after all), but playful and friendly too. The wonderful English Stamp Company will make bespoke stamps for you, with up to ten lines of varying fonts and size, meaning you can easily make your own invitations, and then decorate them as you wish. I bought an eight line stamp, and then four character stamps from their children’s range, which has everything from little baby footprints to tractors and tigers. Each stamp comes with a smart wooden handle, and next day delivery is free.



I used the rocking horse as the centre of our theme, it appeared on the envelopes, the middle of the invitation and the corner of the detail page too. Then added in the little fairy and the baby feet as sweet touches on the rest of the stationary.  The cat was a little nod to our own feline friend.


I love the result, it was very simple to do, and looks so sweet. I’ve since used the little stamps on tissue paper when wrapping presents and will be able to use them further on the day for signage and service sheets as well, which means it’s been a relatively inexpensive way to give our event a sense of a theme.

The Need to Know: 

  • Bespoke stamp, £31, The English Stamp Company, postage is free
  • Fairy, baby feet, cat and rocking horse stamps, £4, The English Stamp Company, as above
  • Large black stamp pad, £10, The English Stamp Company, as above
  • Cream card and envelopes, £7.50 for 40, Pulp, Nailsworth, GL6 0AG

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  1. Lilian says:

    How lovely! (I know I say lovely a lot, sorry!). My brother & sister in law did something with stamps for their ‘save the date’ cards, which were also really cool.


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