Bathtime Bliss…

Bathtime essentials for little monkeys…


We started a bathtime routine with Munchkin pretty early, and, while it took some getting used to for all of us, it’s now a staple part of our routine and really sets the scene for the end of the day and the start of Munchkin’s nightime routine. There were some basics we needed that have become lifesavers – this bath chair, for instance, revolutionised bathtime because Munchkin felt secure and could sit up and see what was going on without me struggling to hold onto her. Equally, this bathmat, has been a godsend since Munchkin started sitting (and crawling and standing) in the bath, without looking like something from the health and safety catalogue. Obviously when she was tiny we used no products on her at all, babies have such lovely soft skin they don’t need anything but cleansing water. But, as she’s got a little older, there’s also been some lovely treats, toys and products that we’ve used and loved….


Clockwise from main picture:

Baby Talc: We used this almost from the moment Munchkin was born and I love it. I love the way it smells, it’s so gentle on her skin and she loves to play with the tub too. Winning formula! (Baby Bee Dusting Powder, £6.99, Burts Bees)

Shampoo and Body Wash: I used this in very small amounts on Munchkin’s hair when she was very small and then in her bath for a few bubbles as she got bigger. It’s very gentle, and a great all round product. We always take it on holiday with us. (Baby Bee Shampoo and Wash, £7.99, Burts Bees, as before)

Baby Balm: Such a simple, gentle product that I used on any funny skin issues Munchkin has had, it’s soft enough to use on her face but good enough to use on baby bottoms too! Oh, and one pot has lasted us all year. (Baby Balm, £11, Neals Yard)

Sudocrem: Sometimes the old ones are the best. We’ve never really had a problem with nappy rash, and I credit this with the reason why. (Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream, £2.99 , Boots)


  • Waterproof books: Munchkin loves these, and we just upgrade them as she gets bigger. I used to read Flip, Flap, Flop to her every night in her bath for about two months. Good times… (Bath Books, £6.99, Usborne Books)
  • Stacking cups: Another winning toy formula, these ones have holes in the bottom for water to dribble through and also make a satisfying noise when banged against the bath. (Splish Splash Cups, £5.99, Nuby)
  • Squirting toys: Munchkin loves these, they fill up with water and squirt easily, have handy nubbly bits for chewing and and generally adorable. (Squirtin Seabuddies Bath Toys, £4.95, Tesco)

Flannel: Strangely I used the muslin cloth from the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleansing system. It’s so soft and gentle and stays fresh much longer than normal flannels. (Muslin cloth, £6, Liz Earle)

Baby Soap: So soft, so gentle, Munchkin’s skin has never been dry or red or sore and this cleans everything from muddy paws to sticky feet. (Baby Soap, £5, Neals Yard)

Baby Moisturiser:  We have only started using this recently on Munchkin, but it’s great for keeping her skin moisturised and soft now she’s out and about in the weather. The baby formula is really gentle and not too greasy, which means you can slather it on quickly! (Nurturing Baby Cream for Face & Body, £16, Kiehl’s)

Bubble Bath: Once I felt Munchkin was old enough to handle actual bubbles we tried the Child’s Farm range and I love it. The bubbles last for ages, and it smells sweet and floral but not sickly. (Bubble Bath, £3.99, Child’s Farm)


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