Dream big little one…

A nursery to dream about….

The amazing and uber-exclusive nursery designers Dragons of Walton Street have just opened a space at Harrods, meaning their lust-inducing designs are now rather more accessible than they used to be.

Room-S-MI-AW-BEPO Morrocan-Nursery 1-2

Dragons of Walton Street are the designers behind a number of royal and celeb nurseries – which is all well and good, but even if they didn’t have such PR-friendly credentials, you can see why they’re so special. Their hand-painted furniture is some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, everything from toy cupboards to bedside tables feature classic children’s characters and imagery, with intricate details and rich colours. They hold the exclusive licence for many children’s books, including the wonderful Flower Fairies and the sweet Brambly Hedge…

dragons1A personal favourite has to be their signature rush-seated chairs, I love the one for designed for David Cameron’s daughter, see the little bunny knocking on 10 Downing Street’s door…? Adorable…


And this hand-painted Peter Rabbit furniture absolutely comes on my ‘Most-Desired’ list…


But it’s the whole room design where they absolutely blow my mind, what gorgeous, cosy, glamorous spaces…the crib below is frankly extraordinary…


One can but dream….

Find out more: dragonsofwaltonstreet.com – or find them in Harrods!

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