Bump Beauty…

Five lovely things for stretchy skin and tired minds….

When you’re pregnant, not only is there plenty you can’t eat, drink, wear, do etc etc – but there’s also plenty of relaxing things you can’t enjoy either – hot bath with soothing essential oils anyone? Nope, that’s off the list. Sauna? Nope that’s off the list too. Spray tan? Not a chance. Manicure? Don’t bet on it. Investing in nice body oils and creams? As long as they don’t contain rose, basil, jasmine sage or juniper berry… You get the idea.

But there are some lovely things you still can use, and some lovely people making products especially for mothers to be. These are my absolute bump essentials, for smooth skin and soothed souls.


1) Body Cream: This rich cream from Jo Malone is deliciously buttery and filled with lovely natural things. I rubbed it into my bump after a bath, but also used it all over my body if my skin was feeling a little dry, and it always felt like a treat. Even when I used it every day.  (Vitamin E Body Balm, £52 for 185ml, Jo Malone)

2) Supple Skin Oil: This smells divine and is so relaxing. I smoothed it onto my bump every night and found it really helped me to sleep better,as well as keep the skin on my bump smooth and supple. (Almond Supple Skin Oil, £34 for 100ml, L’Occitane)

3) Stretch Mark Cream: Clarins are experts at what they do and this cream is no exception. It’s not scented so great during the day and I tended to use it every morning, before and after Munchkin was born. And can report, not one stretch mark. (Stretch Mark Control, £38 for 200ml, Clarins)

4) Bath Oil: Not being able to use all my favourite bath oils was a real shame when I was pregnant; but there were a few out there that were safe. The wonderfully named Bloom and Blossom make products for mummies and babies and pride themselves on only including a small number of ingredients and certainly no nasty unpronounceables. This bath oil smells so luxurious and soothing and always felt like a treat. (Indulgence Bath Oil, £18 per 100ml, Bloom and Blossom)

5) Massage Oil: Neals Yard have always been my go-to for excellent quality, organic and natural products as well as real expertise. Unsuprisingly they make a whole range for mothers, which includes a variety of great vitamin and pregnancy supplements as well as their wonderful Massage and Bath oils. I used both extensively, and still do since I’ve had Munchkin. The bath oil is rich and strong, and really soothed the mind after a busy day; while the massage oil was lovely on my bump, my tired feet, my sore head and my aching joints. (Mother’s Massage Oil, £19.50 per 100ml, Neal’s Yard)

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