Swim Away…

Five swimming pools you need to be in right now…


MamouniaLa Mamounia,Marrakech

This iconic hotel is renowned for so many reasons, not least for their extraordinary pool, around which the great and good of the world stage have rested their weary limbs (it has hosted everyone from Winston Churchill to Sarah Jessica Parker). The pool itself is a vast, shimmering expanse of cooling blue, while the poolside restaurant is fantastic, and you can order food and wine to your sunbed, all through the day. Naturally.

What to do: Order a bottle of local rose and people-watch from behind your Chanels
What not to do: Bagsie a sunbed early with your towel, very not de rigeur…

MLE15_OceanBungalowHuvafen Fushi, Maldives

What better pool, than your own pool? The ocean villas at Huvafen Fushi in the Maldives are some of the best around, with expansive space for lazing and sun-worshipping. The mini-infinity pools are just the right size for a cooling soak, and the handy shelf around the edge is the perfect place to rest a glass of vino.

What to do: Greet the morning with a refreshing naked dip
What not to do: Drop your Champagne glass in there after a drunken evening splash, so not cool

spa hot tubCalcot Manor, Cotswolds

Obviously I am biased, this local gem is a personal favourite, but there’s something to be said for the hot tub at Calcot, which boasts its own log fire, which you can personally stoke to further warm the air, while the soothing surrounds of Cotswold stone and the gentle pace of country life seem to seep into your body and mind.

What to do: Grab a glass of shampers with the girls and then refuse to get out for hours
What not to do: Take the little ones, (children are actually very welcome at Calcot, but the hot tub is not the place)…

lifebuzz-ab9f9187e6873ad0bc1ca8dce729c26a-limit_2000Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

For views, this pool really can’t be beat, without question the most extraordinary infinity pool I’ve ever seen, and just the perfect place to recoup after a mad day trawling Orchard Road and buying everything in sight.

What to do: Try out your latest swimwear purchase, fresh from your shopping trip
What not to do: Dive in. This is quiet, understated cool at it most chic

belle-mareThe One and Only, Mauritius

Literally just off the beach, with the obligatory bar in the pool that ensures you feel completely decadent before you’ve even started, this weaving, winding pool is a great place to soak for hours, while watching beach life wander by.

What to do: Get a sunbed over by the beach, which is then a hop, skip and a jump to the sea
What not to do: Linger too long – at night the pool turns into a twilight bar, which is all chic dresses and no bikinis…

Featured Image: La Mamounia

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