Gorgeous Gifford’s Circus…

Running away to the circus…

…and taking Munchkin with us! Every year when the circus rolls into town we go for an afternoon of picnicking on the common and being wowed by the energy, artistry and wholesome beauty that is Gifford’s Circus.


Last year we took Munchkin when she was barely eight weeks old. She slept through the first half and stared around in wonderment at the second half. It was a happy, easy day with a newborn and I have very good memories of it.


This year, I was excited about taking her. She’s already giddy in the extreme about horses and animals and I thought the colour and energy from the show would fascinate her. That said, I was also a bit concerned about how noisy it would be and whether that much stimulation was just going to be overwhelming – (and I didn’t feel any better when we arrived to see numerous children armed with ear defenders)…


Still we pressed on, ever the British stalwarts, and settled down for a yummy picnic in on Minchinhampton Common…


…before heading into the big top – and what a show it was! Dancing, juggling, clowning around, ponies, dogs, bears – the whole crazy world of Gifford’s was here.

And overall, I’d say Munchkin loved it. It was boiling in the tent, so we did have to keep popping out for some air, and when it was especially loud she was a bit frightened. But during the gentler bits, with Tweedy, or the shadow puppets, or the ponies trotting round, she just stared and stared and pointed and smiled, loving the colour and the shapes.



It was fantastic to see – and made me realise how true it is, that to see the world through a child’s eyes, is to see it anew.


Thank you Gifford’s. See you next year!

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