Walking, walking everywhere…

Toddlers toddling….

I am so enjoying Munchkin walking about. Her ability to be able to explore her world and choose what she wants to see and touch is clearly so liberating for her, and it’s fantastic to watch her ambling along, excitedly squealing as she sees something else she wants to investigate.


In this last week we have walked to the ducks, walked around Cotswold Wildlife Park, walked to church and strolled through the village.


Being able to walk along, holding her hand as she potters beside me feels like a massive shift in her – and my – worlds. Suddenly this little baby I carried or wheeled everywhere can get somewhere on her own steam. She needs proper shoes now, with decent soles, and waterproof ones too for puddle splashing and wet summery days.


More than ever, the decision to come to the country is feeling right. On our walks every day she sees cows, sheep, horses, dogs and cats. She picks up leaves and conkers, falls over on the grass, giggles at puddles and watches the ducks swimming downstream.


It sounds idyllic and in many ways it really feels that way too.

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