Sublime Spain…

A few perfect days…


We are so lucky that R’s parents live in Spain for half of the year, which means a lovely place we can go for some sun, sea, scenery and serious relaxation…


It was Munchkin’s first trip to Spain and it was pretty hot while we were there, but she coped admirably with it all, splasing about in the pool and generally pottering about in her busy way.


We enjoyed plenty of beers in the sunshine, and soaked up the views of the dramatic mountains and lingering sunsets…


We spent a lovely morning at the Alicante market – an incredible display of the fresh fish and meat you can get so easily on the continent…


I always return from Spain cross about how hard it is to get fresh fish, seasonal vegetables and reasonably priced food back in the UK. Luckily, Munchkin more than made up for it, guzzling her way through fresh grilled dourada, sweet melon and plenty of vegetables…


It was a lovely way to round off the summer, Munchkin wearing the last of her summery outfits and us soaking up the last yellow rays before Autumn kicks in. Simple family time, there’s nothing better….


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