Cow girl…

A spontaneous moment with the cows…


One of the (many) things I love about living in the country, is how close and accessible nature is.

Munchkin is mad for animals at the moment – especially farmyard ones. And cows are a particular favourite. Near us, Minchinhampton Common is a piece of common land where cows still roam free. There are no fences, no gates, just cattle grids at people’s driveways and the implicit understanding that you – cars included – giveway to cows.

Driving along back from playgroup one morning, Munchkin was squealing and smiling at the cows on the side of the road, chomping away. For once, we weren’t in a rush. So I pulled over (you can park anywhere on the common as long as you’re no further than ten yards from the road), and we set off for a wander.


Being able to do this feels like such a privilege…lucky, lucky us…


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