Autumn Inspired

Beautiful ways to bring the outside in this season….


Autumn is a gorgeous, cosy, colourful time of year, the seasonal fruit and veg is plentiful and the rich red, gold and orange of the trees and flowers is everywhere. To reflect this at home, the best looks are simple ones that allo the colours and shapes of autumn to speak for themselves…

Pumpkins, winter squashes and gourds are all great ways to instantly create as striking centrepiece, I love the numerous shades and tones of the different varieties…


Autumn colours are a pretty standard triumvirate of red, orange and gold – with a bit of yellow thrown in too. Berries, leaves and roses are a staple, and teamed with pumpkins look very sweet…

Autumn Flowers

I always make sure our front door has something seasonal next to it – in the spring it’s daffodils and hydrangeas, in the summer lavender and roses, in the winter, festive firs and in autumn, pumpkins, squash and cutting from our garden trees. I love the dahlias below, so bold and striking…


I love this unique take on the standard colours, painted pumpkins in white, black and bronze look incredibly classy and very unique…


Playing with pumpkins is fun, if you have the time – decoupage pumpkins are a genius idea that turn something simple and wholesome into something intricate and artistic…


And how fabulous is this wallpaper (Graham & Brown)? Cleverly seasonal without being obvious, it has such a cute Halloweeney feel, but would work throughout the year as a striking feature too….


Most of all, just have fun with this seasonal time, persimmons, stags, candlelit squash, old books, distressed lanterns….

Autumn Decor

All ideas and inspiration from my Pinterest board….



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