Woodland wanderings…

Another autumnal walk…

Sunday was so beautiful, seasonal in the extreme, sunny blue skies coupled with crisp, fresh air and golden trees as far as the eye could see.


After an early morning (due the bloody clocks going back), we were up and out of the house at 10am and headed across the meadow, through the woods and back along the ride, before finishing with fish and chips at our local.


It was a gorgeous morning, the air was so clear and everything was still and sleepy. The sunshine made the trees glow orange and lit up the dark woodland spaces with dappled light.


Fallen leaves were everywhere, a golden carpet to crunch your way through.


Our route took us through farmland – its amazing to see the fields so bare now after their lush summery green and golden hues – and alonged wooded paths and out onto the breathtaking ride, which stretches from our village all the way to Cirencester, you can even see it on Google Earth.


A very special, happy day…



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