Haute Halloween….

Celebrating Halloween without the scare factor….

We’re having some friends over for a little Halloween fun this year, Munchkin and her little toddler friends will potter about the village squealing and toddling, while we knock on a few doors and try not to demand too many sweets.

Because they’re so little this won’t be a scary Halloween, and I wanted some inspiration for fun, classy ways to mark this tradition, rather than eyeballs and skulls and far too much blood…

Seasonal bunting, black and white accents, quirky witches and skeletons and a few potions bottles are a great way to feel festive without overdoing it…


…and I love all these stylish silhouettes and bat mobiles (!) …


…for pumpkins, instead of scary faces, use a drill to make neat holes or cookie cutters to create pretty shapes…


…while these are some fun ways to play with the conventions of Halloween….


….how amazing is the pineapple….?! And I want to create silhouettes in a dollshouse one year….


Happy Halloween….all inspiration and more on my Pinterest board




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