Scary Saturday…

Scary fairy antics for Halloween…


Our village is always great at Halloween, all the villagers put out pumpkins and hand out treats for the little ones. Some of them dress up in witches outfits or offer apple bobbing and mulled wine for the adults. This year, one family even set up a barbecue in their driveway, handing out sausage sandwiches to ravenous parents.

We decorated our house too, with pumpkins carved in the garden that morning…


R tried the usual scary faces, while I went for something slightly more arty…


Three of Munchkin’s little friends came over to share in the big day with her. And despite the odd over-tired tear, the little ones loved it – even if the lack of streetlights in the village made it a dark and scary walk…


And all in all, it felt very festive….


I feel very blessed that our village makes such an effort for events like these. With carol singing planned around Christmas too, it’s nice to feel part of a community, and to share in these seasonal events together. This is something I always wanted for Munchkin, and one of the many reasons we left London, swapping a busy, vibrant world for a quieter, less colourful one – but, a much, much friendlier one too.


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