Twinkling trees…

A magical world, all hidden away…

I popped into our local parish church this morning to pick up a few Christmas cards – I always try and buy charity cards or cards from churches at Christmas – and stumbled on the most festive and touching display I have seen so far this season.


It was early in the morning, about 9:00am, and as we heaved the huge oak door open, the most magical world revealed itself to us.


Little Christmas trees were everywhere, at the end of the pews, under the arches, nestled into alcoves…


Decorated and donated by local schools and businesses, the twinkling lights and the warm colours, coupled with the quiet solitude of the church and the low lighting made it feel quite magical.


St John’s Baptist Church is a landmark in Cirencester, and the striking medieval details inside were the perfect setting for these assuming little trees.


Munchkin was captivated by the lights and the colours, she stared and stared at the trees, her eyes wide, inquisitive…


So often, festive nods can be tacky, gaudy and overbearing, but this was a beautiful example of how even Christmas can be a time for quiet reflection, for peace.


The trees will be there until 17 December, don’t miss them…(


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