Mothers on Mothering…

This week…Eve Fernando, founder of The Little Bump Company and mother to Ava…


Eve Fernando set up The Little Bump Company when she was pregnant, because she felt there was a lack of clothes that made her feel, well, still like her. The Little Bump Company is a maternity and nursing specialist boutique in the Cotswolds and stocks comfortable, yet stylish clothes for every trimester.

My little Munchkin is… Ava (2)

No-one ever tells you that…Peppa Pig will follow you everywhere you go and you’ll never take sleep for granted again.


I couldn’t have survived the first three months without…my family and friends, baby groups, cake and Google!

I wish I’d known before that…I didn’t actually need to eat for two at all when pregnant!

It used to drive me mad when people said…children should be trained to sleep! As if that works! Ever!

The best present anyone gave me was…An overnight stay in a hotel void of breastpumps, night wakings and sterilising around the clock just after my daughter was born!


Our first holiday was…… taking her to Australia at six months to visit family, stupidly!

The most important that I’ve learnt is…everything in your child’s life is momentary and you will never get it back, so cherish it, every single moment.

I want my children to know that…this world is a tough place so you have to be strong, confident and proud of who you are. Stand up for yourself, your beliefs and don’t let anyone try to clip your wings.

T: @thelittlebumpco


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