Really amazing reindeer

Five incredible things you didn’t know about reindeer…

I love reindeer. I love the shape of them, their massive antlers, their soft noses, their big, dark eyes. The sight of them is awesome and festive and striking and peaceful all at the same time. We are hoping to take Munchkin to visit some reindeer this Christmas season, but in the meantime, here are five amazing facts about reindeer to wow your little ones with…


  1. They are so well-insulated that if they lie down in a patch of snow, the snow won’t melt around them…
  2. They are really good swimmers – their migratory routes mean they often have to cross large expanses of fast-moving water
  3. Their eyes change colour at Christmas, they’re golden in the summer and deep blue in winter
  4. Their antlers can be up to three feet tall
  5. Like a human’s fingerprint, no two reindeer antlers are exactly the same.

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