Farm girl

Out and about on the farm…


One of the many great things about Munchkin getting bigger and more grown up (aside from the better sleeping, the walking, the communication, the ability to amuse herself etc etc), is the slow realisation that all those great ‘attractions for children’ now apply to you too. It’s fantastic being able to plan days out knowing that Munchkin will actively enjoy herself, rather than worrying about finding a bench to breastfeed on and planning when you’ll fit in the requisite seven naps a day that babies seem to need.

Just before Christmas, on a very grey and cloudy day, we headed off the Cotswold Farm Park. In the deepest darkest countryside, Adam Henson (of Countryfile fame) has created the sweetest little farmyard experience for little people. And it’s wonderful.


There are a few outdoor pens with cows and chicken, and the a couple of barns with eveything from rabbits to donkeys. The small size of the place made it feel so manageable, and meant if Munchkin wanted to spend half an hour staring at a sheep (yes please, Mummy) she could, because we didn’t have another five miles of attractions to fit in after that.


Staff were lovely and helpful, it was safe and easy for toddlers to toddle around, you can get up close and friendly with most of the animals – feeding and stroking them – and there’s also a sandpit, a playground, a cafe and plenty of mega puddles for splashing in…


Highly recommended for little people from one year upwards… (adults £9.25, Children £8.40, under-threes FREE)

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