London Life…

We were married four years ago, just before Christmas…

…and so our wedding anniversary always takes place in a flurry of festivities just before the big day itself. It’s actually rather lovely having one day, just before Christmas, where you take a moment to think about something other than tinsel and turkey, and – being as it’s such a nostalgic time of year anyway – it seems like a fitting time to think back and reminiscence about white dresses, sparklers, church lanterns and vows.


This year, I had some meetings in London, so decided to stay up in ‘town’ for the evening and we headed out for dinner. This turned out to be the first night we had ever both left Munchkin so it was a rather momentous occasion in many ways.


We were invited to stay at the amazing St James Hotel and Club, very exclusive, very smart, location to die for – just off Picadilly. The lovely team there arranged for us to be in one of their suites – a gorgeous little spot at the top of the hotel, complete with roof terrace and London views – you even needed a key for the lift…(swoon)…


I spent the day soaking up the festive frippery that London does best, while meeting a friend for lunch at The Connaught (lucky girl)…


…followed by a few more meetings, and then heading our for dinner. We went to our favourite restaurant in London – Terroirs – a French wine bar tucked behind The Strand, it prides itself on a superlative wine list, fantastic service and really good French food. As always, it didn’t disappoint – we ate anchovies, rillette, cassoulet and cheese and drank delicious wine, and delighted in the first night for both of us that didn’t involve bathtime or storytime or endless rounds of ‘sssshhh little one’…


…before pottering back through Trafalgar Square and taking some unashamed selfies…


The next morning, poor R headed off to work, and I enjoyed a rare lie-in, followed by a soak in the giant bathtub, before finishing off some work and heading back to the country. It was a very special 48 hours – time away, time together, time in my favourite city in all the world, a moment to remember life-before-baby…


…and then home, to the biggest smile and the biggest cuddle. It felt good to be missed that much…


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