Mothers on Mothering…

This week…ZOE DE PASS, founder of DRESS LIKE A MUM and mother of two.

Zoë de Pass is founder of DRESS LIKE A MUM, a campaign to change the bad rep of mum dressing. DRESS LIKE A MUM hopes to inspire women/mums not to loose their love of clothes, despite what their children throw at them. It, among other things, is a place to get breastfeeding-friendly outfit ideas and style inspiration. 


My little Munchkins are… my son, who is is three and a half, and my daughter, who is 18 months.

No-one ever tells you that…your life is not over it is just beginning.

I couldn’t have survived the first three months without…FOOD – I was so hungry breastfeeding.

I wish I’d known before that…if your baby is crying its most likely they are: hungry, tired, need changing, need a burp, have trapped wind, are hot or cold so do not panic!


The best present anyone gave me was…My TIBA + MARL nappy bag backpack.

Our first holiday was…we took our son to Turkey with our families when he was four months old – it was amazing.

The most important that I’ve learnt is… Its important to stay you and be nice you yourself. Once you become a mum, a lot changes but a lot doesn’t – you are still you.

I wish…I could get just a bit more sleep.

I want my children to know that… they are amazing, they are loved – and that its cool to be kind.

Twitter: @ZdP


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