The Weekend Edit

Seven wonderful things from the week that was…


  1. Granddaddy and Munchkin, playing with a vintage (ie used to be mine) multi-storey carpark/garage…kids really will play with anything (1970s Fisher Price Garage, now worth £70(!),

2. Tete a Tetes in a pot, finally feeling like spring… (£4.50 for three, Market Garden, Cirencester)

3. Lunch outside, even more like spring… (Green glass, £3, Ikea)

4. Strategically-placed magazines and a pot of muscaris (Potted bulbs, £6, Market Garden, Cirencester)

5. Breaking out the spring style (Dungarees, £12, Osh Kosh)

6. Vintage Bunnykins found in the loft…(similar here, from £15 per plate, etsy,com)

7. Arms around little friends… (Grey hooded jumper, £14, H&M)

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