A Day for Mothers…

Happy Mothering Sunday!

This time last year I was curled up in bed with a bunch of tulips and my little Munchkin rolling around the bed giggling and kissing me on the lips, a lot. (It was her new trick and she was damned if she wasn’t going to practice it all the live long day).


It was a very special day and I was very taken by the effort R made and how special it was to be with these two wonderful people, without whom, I would not be a mother and would not be able to experience the agony and the ecstasy of motherhood, and all that it entails.

It’s been quite a year too – in that time Munchkin has crawled, started nursery, stood up, turned one,  walked, been christened, gone on two holidays, stopped breastfeeding, started sleeping through the night, started talking (albeit in her own very special language) , and been kissed by lots of (little) boys.


When I compare where I was then to where I am now – there’s happy and sad moments. I am sad that those days of my little baby are behind me – she is so much a girl now. Life has really in so many ways returned to normal, and while that’s great, I do find myself thinking back to crazy, beautiful rollercoaster of those first 12 months.

But then there is such joy in spending time with her. With this little person she has become, with her beaming smile, her warmth, her kindness, her sense of humour. These are the things that make me happy and thankful and – on this day for mothers – that make me feel very blessed to be on this journey with her.

Big hug, little one.


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