Easter traditions

Last year, when Munchkin was about nine months old I wrote about how I wanted to start marking seasonal holidays and events throughout the year in a way that becomes an annual family tradition.


This year it’s been all about colours from these wonderful baskets that I snagged here (can you believe it?).


Pop a few primroses in one of them, or a handful of eggs in the other…(not that they’ll last long in there..)..

For an Easter-ey centrepiece get some catkins – and some fresh (or fake) blossom sprigs, and arrange at random.


Every year we collect more and more little hanging eggs, and much like our Christmas baubles, it’s fun to rediscover them each year.

I added to these a little selection from here, which included a bunny in a nest, some hanging birds and spring flowers.

The little ‘Look Here’ ‘Egg Hunt’ signs were also from here and are adorable; while these decorated plastic eggs are hollow and open up, meaning you can fill them with mini eggs…


Elsewhere I added fluffy chicks in bonnets (everything looks better in a bonnet) to a tub of tete a tetes…


…and made a little arrangement with some narcissus, some fake speckled eggs and Munchkin’s favourite wind-up Easter bunny..


I can see that ever year Easter will become more and more child-friendly in our house…as Munchkin becomes more aware of what’s going on and wants to help…style might have to be substituted for practicality, but that’s really ok…


It’s lovely to see how over the year events take on new meanings for us…and making plans for surprises, treats and egg hunts that I know she’ll enjoy is all part of the fun…


Happy Easter…may the eggs be many and plentiful…!





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