Hide & Seek…

Or, 24 things I have had to hide from my toddler today…

So, we are at the Beady Little Eyes phase of toddlerdom at the moment.


Munchkin wants everything all the time, even at the most inopportune moment, naturally – and has developed a razor-sharp sniper vision for spotting some teeny-weeny corner of something she simply-must-have-right-now-absolutely-now-or-the-whole-world-will-implode.

I mean….the following happened because I wouldn’t let her continue watching the clip of Fear the Walking Dead that she’d somehow found on my phone. Go figure….

This video doesn’t exist

And the yesterday, because she is OBSESSED with my house keys, she managed to lock herself in the house for half an hour. While I ran outside like a woman possessed trying to break into my own home. (Alarmingly easy, in case you’re interested…)

Not only is this constant need for everything exhausting. It’s severely limiting. It took me 20 minutes to brush my teeth the other day, because I kept having to hide the toothbrush every time she peeked her head round the bathroom door to see what I was doing. She then stood there, staring at me quizzically, while the toothbrush behind my back slowly dripped toothpaste on the carpet. (She loves brushing her teeth. Well. She loves sucking the water off the toothbrush anyway. Sigh).


Things I have had to hide from her today to avoid similar meltdowns….

  • My Phone
  • My iPad
  • A toothbrush
  • The house keys
  • My wallet
  • A glass of water
  • A book
  • The radio
  • Her wellies
  • Her lunchbox
  • Oaty bars
  • Her hairslides
  • A spoon
  • The cat
  • The lid to her yoghurt
  • Her trike
  • An uncooked egg
  • My pen
  • A dog in the distance
  • The bubble machine
  • Her toothpaste
  • The TV remote
  • Her baby shampoo
  • A pot of houmous
  • The landline

Toddlers…making life interesting since 587 AD….


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