Mothers on Mothering

This week…Kerstin Kühn, LA-based freelance journalist, founder of Little Foodie Club and mother of one.


Kerstin is a freelance food and travel writer, who left London in 2013 and moved to Los Angeles, where she edits luxury lifestyle guide Urbanologie, writes for a number of magazines on the California food scene and recently launched a baby food delivery startup called Little Foodie Club.  Little Foodie Club is all about shaping the next generation of big foodies by offering organic baby purées with a culinary touch. All the recipes incorporate not only fresh, organic ingredients but also complementary herbs, gentle spices and bone broths to create really flavorsome purées that will advance babies’ taste development and instill a lifelong love and appreciation of healthy, delicious food right from the start.

My little Munchkin is … Maxine, who is nearly 18 months old.

No-one ever tells you that … Changing a nappy when your toddler has diarrhoea will make you throw up in your mouth a little.

Birth was… A planned C-section as Maxi was breech. It was calm, crazy and very emotional. The first thing my husband said to me was: “She has my toes!”


I couldn’t have survived the first three months without… Baby and Me Yoga. I realise how ‘L.A.’ this makes me sound but it was a great motivator to get out of the house and do something for myself that made me feel good.

I wish I’d known before that… The motherhood instinct so many people tell you about really does kick in. I felt strangely confident as a new mum, which could have been down to the fact that I had nobody around to help so had to just get on with it.  

The best present anyone gave me was…. Free babysitting.

Our first holiday was… A road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway, when Maxi was six weeks old. We stopped at Big Sur, Carmel and Morro Bay and she spent most of the journey sleeping. It was magical.


The most important lesson that I’ve learnt is… Always trust yourself. Unsolicited advice is rarely helpful and nobody knows your baby the way you do. So just smile, nod and ignore.

I worry about… The amount of technology kids are exposed to. Maxi is already obsessed with my iphone and she’s only one.

I wishWe lived closer to our friends and family.

Motherhood is…. Is not a competitive sport. Don’t judge, support. 

Work is… Crazy right now. I’m trying to balance being a mum with essentially two careers – freelance journalism and getting a baby food startup off the ground. Some days are really stressful, which at times makes it hard to be truly present when I’m with Maxi. But I am really devoted to helping parents feed their babies better food and the vision of making a tangible difference to kids’ wellbeing makes it all worthwhile.

I want my child to know that… I try everyday to be the best mother I can be.

Twitter: @LaGoulue_
Instagram: @lagoulue_  / @littlefoodieclub


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