Turning Two…

Munchkin’s second birthday on 24 June was rather eclipsed by the shocking Brexit result, and some torrential rain that put a major damper on our ‘summer party in the garden’ ideas.

A last minute dash to our beautiful village hall, coupled with some miracle-work by friends and family saved the day, and Munchkin was the none the wiser about the strangeness of it all.


Playing in the rain, smiling at everyone and reminding us to focus on the here and now, she and her little friends were a welcome distractions as financial and political machinations continued to whir in the city.

Who knows what her future will be? Who knows what is coming on this new out-of-Europe horizon? I can only hope that she will welcome in this new dawn with the same humour, warmth and kindness that I have seen from her so far. In the face of such shifting uncertainties, these are the things we must hold on to.


As far as birthday parties go, we still managed to tick most of the standard  birthday boxes…


Playtime with friends…


Masses of cake, made together, and then slaved over late into the night…

Party bags, with personalised Mr Men books, animal fridge magnets and balloons…

Pretty decorations and plenty of bunting…

Lovely presents and pretty dresses…

And all our dear friends – just like last year – who came along in stoically British spirit, smiling through the rain and making the best of it all, while the little ones played and feasted on cake and carrot sticks…


Thank goodness for friends, family and village halls. Happy birthday Munchkin…



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