Leaves Underfoot…

I cannot get enough of autumn. Ever year, it rolls around and I think for a brief second that I’m not done with summer, and then I remember how happy it makes me – the colours of the trees, the feel of a chill in the air, fresh mornings and cold nights, burnt oranges and fiery reds everywhere, pumpkins, bonfires, conkers, long walks and rosy cheeks.


Being near Westonbirt Arboretum allows us the opportunity to indulge in the autumn colours even more, and I find myself returning again and again during October and November to kick through the leaves and marvel at the fact that sometimes, nature looks most beautiful  when it’s dying. There’s a certain savage beauty to it.




As always, it’s a perfect thing to do with Munchkin, who loves the opportunity to run unhindered, hiding amongst the leaves, exploring the ‘caves’ created by low hanging branches and collecting leafy souvenirs.

I have also been grateful to have the time to do this with her, as my working weeks seem to be getting busier and busier, I am so lucky that I still have one or two days a week when we can do things just us.


She’s at an age now, where she is really great company – someone to chat to on a walk, someone to share tea and cake with (her favourite thing), someone to enjoy showing the world to.

Looking back at pictures of how different she was each Autumn has become a happy habit now, and a lovely reminder of the slow and steady turning of the seasons.


Everything else in our world might be rather uncertain at the moment, but autumn coming after summer is still one of the dead certs. And thank goodness for that.


The colours should last until early in November, and you can find out more here.


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