Snow Day

It makes me sad that in nearly three years this is only the second time that Munchkin has seen snow. And certainly the first time it has settled and been worthy of a snowball or two.


I worry about global warming and the weather changing and how much wetter and warmer it is. I don’t want to leave Munchkin in a world starved of its natural resources, unable to provide for the mass of people on the planet, exhausted of its environment. But – this didn’t seem like something I could fix in one morning. And it was a Friday – we were all at home, so we made the most of it and popped out for a little crunch about on the grass, accompanied by a very impressed “wow” or two.



We even let the chickens out for a peck about….



And attempted some snowball throwing….


That said, as always with toddlers, you can’t predict anything, and – when we set off a little walk through the village to marvel at the white world all around, Munchkin mostly complained about being cold and ask repeatedly to go back home.





This is so unlike her. She never gets cold and never asks to go home. Possibly had something to do with the fact she was repeatedly offered gloves and repeatedly refused to wear them…

So back home it was – to get warm with cuddles on the sofa with the cat, hot milk and The Snowman on the telly. If you won’t go to the snow, the snow will come to you!



Snow days, they don’t make ’em like they used to in my childhood…

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