Flippin’ Perfect…

Pancake Day…gorgeous recipes, ingenious ingredients, perfect frying pans, and more!

There’s nothing like Pancake Day to jazz up the long slow end of winter before Spring arrives. Even the worst cooks can manage to throw a pancake mix together and drizzle it in a frying pan. The most traditional recipe is of course something like this,  and Delia will talk you through it well, but I also like Sophie Conran’s easy and practical take on it, while this article has a lovely selection of recipes, including Scotch and Chocolate pancakes, along with the history of Shrove Tuesday and some complicated maths equations for flipping pancakes, quite fun to share with older children.


Controversially, we will be making these pancakes, they’re technically not the appropriate style but I love the buttermilk and the gooey, salty taste. Plus, they’re incredibly easy to make, foolproof almost. They’re really fantastic with maple syrup and bacon, but also amazing with blueberries and creme fraiche.

Remember, whichever ones you decide to make, that the first rule of pancakes is that it really is a process of trial and error. The first one is always a disaster, so treat it as your testing ground, working out the best heat of the pan and the thickness of the pancake, and move on – by the end you’ll be a pancake pro.  This is the easiest recipe I’ve found online, only three ingredients and straight forward instructions, (good old Mary Berry). So start with her if you’re nervous.


As for accompaniments, then it can be a simple as sugar and lemon or a indulgent as brie and bacon. Plenty of fresh fruit, cream, custard or creme fraiche works well, as does bacon, eggs, avocado, goats cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms or even roasted vegetables. More inventive ideas include syrupy-soaked oranges, stewed rhubarb or spicy chickpeas and spinach.  If you’re making them with children, then this Pinterest board has some great Annabel Karmel, and others, ideas for making pancakes fun, there’s even a recipe for baby’s first pancakes, and some sweet bunny shaped pancakes.

Having a good pan is really important – the simple option should do well, while the pricey alternative is heavy-bottomed so prevents burning and has great heat distribution. I love this white pan from Sophie Conran, and this double pan that locks together makes flipping them really easy. A good flipping tool is essential too, this one is massive and will handle the most unwieldy of pancakes, while the angle on this should help wrestle stubborn pancakes from the pan.

You’ll also need a good mixing bowl and a sugar shaker, plus something pretty to serve them on…

If all this pancake excitement has literally whet your appetite, then complete the set with this gorgeous pancake book, recipes from around the world, from classic American pancakes and crunchy chickpea socca to Arabic atayef, Japanese okonomiyaki and Sri Lankan hoppers.

Happy flipping!

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