On the hunt…

Easter this year pretty much involved nothing but chocolate….

…which was  somewhat of a shame for me, as, oddly, since I got pregnant, I can’t really stomach anything sweet, especially chocolate. Even mini eggs were out of bounds. Gasp.

We spent one chaotic morning in the kitchen attempting to make ‘family chocolate cake’ – an activity which mostly involved R ducking out of the room to check football scores, me telling Munchkin to stop whatever she was doing, and half a bag of flour getting in places flour should never get – coffee machine, saucepan cupboard, fruit bowl….

Still we were pretty pleased with the results, which we served at tea before one of the many egg hunts that took place over the four day weekend…

We searched high and low for caramel chocolate covered bugs, bright shiny eggs, gold foil rabbits…

And then we all repaired to the pub, where they served freshly baked scones with jam and clotted cream (I can still eat those, naturally), and Munchkin made her fed up face, stuck stickers to everything and generally charmed us all.

A lazy, gentle, long weekend, not filled with anything much but love, family and friends. I feel so blessed that such simple pleasures as following my child around a windy garden to find shiny treats hidden in flowerpots counts as fun these days. Loving the simple things in life is incredibly freeing.



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